Waxing has become the preferred hair removal method for many women. There are numerous benefits of body waxing — it is not as expensive as laser hair removal, offers better and longer-lasting results than shaving, and it is more natural than other hair removal methods that get rid of unwanted body hair.

Many people wonder if it is safe to wax at home, and the answer is widely debated. Debating aside, body waxing should be done by a professional esthetician with the skills and experience so you can ensure you’ll have silky smooth skin once your unwanted hair is removed properly and safely through proven waxing methods. Yet, there are still those who prefer to wax themselves at home.

In this blog, we are going to share some of the common myths associated with at home waxing and why choosing professional waxing is a better choice.

MYTH: Waxing at home is more affordable

While some at-home and DIY waxing kits and products are sometimes more affordable than seeing a professional, but sometimes this route can cost more than you think. You’ll likely purchase numerous kits and products before you find one that ‘gets the job done’. But when you visit an esthetician for waxing, will help you choose a method that works best for your skin and has longer-lasting results, helping you save money in the long run.

MYTH: Waxing at home offers the same professional results

We’re talking about the same procedure after all, right? How can at home waxing be different from professional results? You’d be surprised by how different the skin feels when a professional esthetician waxes with the right techniques and products. At-home waxing will often leave the skin with several remaining hairs that the person won’t be able to remove unless they re-apply the product.

MYTH: At home waxing is faster

Some prefer waxing at home because they believe they do not have the time for a waxing appointment. However, professional waxing procedures are actually pretty fast. Even if you are fast at DIY waxing, you’re likely to miss some spots if you do not use the proper methods and products, requiring to take the time to repeat the process. Estheticians ensure all unwanted hair is removed quickly, but most importantly, safely.

MYTH: At home waxing is simple

The instructions on DIY microwavable wax jars or pre-coated waxing strips may seem simple enough, but you’d be surprised how many people use these products incorrectly. This is because these products require proper technique and a knowledge of how the product works in order to be effective, something many lack when waxing themselves with kits or strips. The fact is, waxing will always have better results when it is done by a professional esthetician because of the waxes and methods used.

MYTH: Waxing at home isn’t as embarrassing

We get it, having a stranger get rid of unwanted body is not the easiest thing to overcome for everyone; in fact, it’s one of the leading reasons why so many people prolong a professional waxing session. After a session, you’ll realize it is not as embarrassing as you think!

MYTH: DIY waxing can be done anytime

People who prefer DIY waxing enjoy that they can do it at any time, before a date or at night right before bed. Sure, waxing can be done anytime, but should it be? Waxing is a delicate procedure, the skin needs to be well-prepared and taken care of after to prevent uncomfortable side effects like skin irritation. Estheticians will ensure that your skin is ready for waxing and they will share some aftercare tips to help minimize side effects. While professional waxing cannot be done at night in front of the television, appointments can be scheduled at your convenience.

If you are ready to ditch the ineffective DIY methods and try professional waxing in San Jose, at Nichole Lynn Esthetics, I use proven methods and products to get rid of unwanted body hair. Whether you are in need of brow waxing, lip waxing, leg waxing, or any of my other waxing services, contact me to make an appointment.